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L.G. Miller and Campbell Richards are the ultimate musical duo, with talent and chemistry that is hotter than a tropical island sun. The scholar Joseph Campbell advised us to follow our bliss.  Camp took it to heart and followed his to the Caribbean to witness the wonder of it all and write about it. Meanwhile, L.G. was busy honing his craft in the music scenes of Los Angeles and Austin, winning awards including Best Guitar Performance at the 2008 Los Angeles Music Awards.


When the two finally met, it was like a piña colada in paradise. They immediately bonded over their shared love of music and tropical destinations and knew they were destined to create something special together. With Richards' talent for penning catchy lyrics and Miller's skill as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, they set out to create music that perfectly captured the carefree, joyful spirit of the tropics.

Their compositions are as bright as a sun-kissed smile, with lyrics that celebrate love, laughter, and fun. And boy, are they excited to share a string of songs that will transport you to a world of island living.


So whether you're lounging on a tropical beach, or just dreaming of one, L.G. and Camp's music is the perfect escape. They've captured the spirit of tropical island life in every beat, and are sure to capture the hearts of music lovers everywhere. So, pack your bags, grab a coconut, and get ready to dance to the irresistible tunes of this dynamic duo.

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